The summer of 2015/16

The summer of 2015/16, as the season drew to a close it was time to reflect at what 2015 brought for me. It was a wild year with a lot of ups and downs, but one of my highlights was I completed my ‘rookie season’ of ocean ski/ Surfski racing, for me its been an epic experience, I’ve met new friends, I’ve travelled parts of the world and I’ve also proved to myself that it can be done. When the results came out and I was ranked 25th I was excited to see what I achieved with only doing 3 out of 4 qualifying events, and it now has allowed me to set goals for this year.

After doing the final race of the season, The Perth Doctor I decided to take some time off, to relax, work and hang out with friends. As some of you know I’m a professional Lifeguard in Australia and it being summer, here on the Sunshine Coast we had an extremely busy Christmas and New Years period. Over the holiday period I specialized on the jetski, travelling from beach to beach along the coast line and assisting any way I could. The past few months I’ve assisted a couple of suspected spinal injuries, fractures, dislocations, minor and major cuts and did a few rescues.

The last few weeks I’ve started racing again in ski discipline in surf life saving, I have recently moved to Sunshine Beach Surf Life Saving Club and continued training with Clint Robinson. It’s been a great experience, training with the young squad in the flat water and the surf, trying to make them work hard in every session. Another big move for me is, I’ve relocated all my gym/ cross training session to Miguel’s 24-hour fitness, I’m loving it there, its clean, friendly and the vibrant colours make you want be there more and more. 

This week I have been finalizing my 2016 Surfski series with events and locations, and I feel like its going to be an incredible year, with a lot of travel, paddling in new locations, and catching up with friends. My first race in the 2016 World Surfski Series will be the King of the Harbour, Auckland New Zealand April 9th-10th, from the reports I’ve heard its going to be a great race with challenging conditions and cooler water than what I’m use to. To stay up to date with what events I’m doing, Videos of my training and pictures of the gear I use follow my Facebook page and subscribe to my newly created YouTube channel, which I have linked into this article.

Over the next few months, I’ll be releasing more and more exciting information, stay tune for that. But until then enjoy your time on the water.



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