March to Molokai

With 3 weeks until I leave for Hawaii, my excitement levels are rising as each day draws me closer. This week I am going to give everyone an insight into the Molokai race itself.  Last year was my first year doing the event, the conditions weren’t the greatest but it was better than a glassy (flat) day in the saddle. Slight winds blowing from the Northeast, and the swell pushing from the south, the race itself goes from the Northeast to the Southwest. So the wind was behind and slightly to the right of tail and we were punching straight into the swell.  With a gnarly shorey it was a bit of a challenge to get through, with some fellow athletes jumping into their skis then falling straight out of their skis. With a hoot the race started with two main lead groups that took off, one group had the majority of the elite South African’s and the other had the large amount of the elite Australian contingency. During the race, I was holding a nice competitive line; I decided to have a quick look around at the mid point to see if I was near anyone. Slightly surprised I could hardly see anyone, there were a few in front and behind me, but all I could see was the outline of Oahu and vast blue oceans. Getting closer and closer to Koko head I started linking runners and little swells together. Finally I reached Koko Head and started heading towards the finish line feeling relived I pulled down a big wave nearly slewing my ski, luckily enough I held it straight and continued to paddle through to the finish line. The Molokai race itself is challenging full of both mental and physical challenges no matter how well you have prepared.  This year I am looking forward to racing the event with the intent on improving my race time and placing. This Saturday will mark 4 weeks until the race, so all my final preparation work is getting sorted, I will also start packing my suitcases and finishing off my last piece of Uni (College) assignments. Bring on Hawaii.

Weekly Wrap up
Last weekend My Family and I hopped into my car and drove 6 hours south to Coffs Harbour NSW. I raced in the Bonville Creek Marathon; it was an 18km event where I chose to compete in a K1 that I had borrowed as I Snapped my rudder the previous weekend. Overall I got 2nd to Brett Greenwood, paddling a very tough and challenging race. I had learnt a lot about Marathon canoe racing over the weekend, as it was my second marathon-canoeing event. This week has been a little bit more challenging, as the weather hasn’t been so nice here. Incredibly strong winds and heavy rainfall, unfortunately the wind is too easterly so I won’t be going out for a paddle back this weekend.  I’m looking forward to Saturday afternoon and Sunday for my rest days and maybe get a sneaky sleep in as well.
Next week I am going to have an interview with an Australian junior marathon team member Ben Rake.

Enjoy your week on and off the water, if you have any questions feel free to ask my.

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