Interview with Ben Rake

This week I interviewed Australian Marathon representative Ben Rake, Ben is a hard worker and does everything he can to be infront of his competition (even pushing them into trees). Ben Currently lives in the Australian Capital of Canberra. He has also just started his own business with one of his mates (friend) called Terra et Mare Fitness, I have attached the link below for you to check it out. If you have any questions for Ben or myself please leave them below. ALSO if there is anyone that you would like me to interview and have questions for them please leave a comment or email me.Thank you very much

What paddling disciplines do you compete in (events, distance)?

I compete in marathon kayaking, I’ve recently stepped to 31 Km this year, normally I’m a 25Km kinda person so the step up was a good leap!

How Long have you been paddling for?

I’ve been paddling full time for the last 5 years, which is paddling terms means that I am still a very new paddler! Lots to learn and a long way from having the perfect race.

What motivates you to train day in day out, especially through the cold Canberra winters?

For me I just want to be able to have the perfect race, every time I train I want to directly help me on my way to achieving that goal, everyone seems to hate paddling in the cold, I think after the first two winters you get used to it, sure jumping on the water in winter when it’s -5 and dark is hard sometimes but seeing a perfect sunrise and completely glassy water is an amazing experience that never gets old!

What has been your greatest sporting achievement?

I got a 3rd last year at Nationals in 2014, for me this was a great achievement I made the selection requirements for world champs which was my main goal going into the race! Besides that I won my local U8s soccer comp back in the day!

What are you goals for 2015/2016?

My 2015 National season is now finished, I know have a bunch of state and local races that I am using to work on the big weakness in my racing in 2014 due to training for world champs in a K2 I missed a lot of racing in a K1 and I had a massive stint of doing a lot of training and no racing! For the rest of the year I just need to get the races under my belt for the 2016 season. 2016 has nationals in April which is now the main goal, from that race the rest of the year will be planned out, whether it be 2016 word champs or something else!

If there is anyone you could train with whom would it be and why?

Tough question! Certainly being able to train with my coach Clint Robinson all year round would be great, he’s achieved pretty much everything in kayaking! The other two would be Ben Brown and Hank McGregor, both have been/currently are marathon kayak world champs and are both extremely tactical in the way they race which is weakness for me! 

If you weren’t kayaking what other sports would you do?

If I didn’t choose kayaking or I ever injured myself and couldn’t paddle again I think certainly distance running! My Dad was a great distance runner and can still go out and run extremely fast, I’m built like a distance runner and despite what Ryan will tell you I think I could be good at it!

Do you have any tips for people that are just starting to paddle?

Give it time! It’s not going to happen overnight, focus on having the perfect technique from day 1! Find a group to train with and work hard. Make sure you are having fun with it! If you aren’t really enjoying it than you shouldn’t do it! Always make sure you have a good life balance! Don’t forget that when racing if you can’t beat them then where as many pretty colours as possible….be a streamline butterfly!


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