A short look at my career so far

Welcome all, 

As years of training stack upon each other the journey to top becomes more and more addictive. Starting nippers at the age of 10, I was at the bottom of my sporting career, not wanting to be competitive I enjoyed learning about the beach and also how to avoid danger if it ever arose. As I started to get older my competitive streak grew, by u13’s I wanted to compete at the nipper state titles that were being held at North Kirra that year (highest level a nipper can race at). By the first year into the senior club came around most of my friends had a little taste at what it was like to race at the “Aussies”, for most like myself the journey to the Australian titles would consist of at least 40 weeks of hard training and commitment. After 2 years of hard training in the senior club I tasted my first bit of success, being the youngest male to complete the 30.5 Km Coolangatta gold (short course), achieving my first state medal and also winning my first national medal. But the dream didn’t stop there I wanted to achieve more and more. The following season I wanted to be better, with the help from my coach Clint Robinson, I achieved my first State Champion medal, and the following year I won my first National Champion medal at the Australian titles held at the beach I attended my first nipper state titles at, North Kirra. Now the journey isn’t stopping, goals continually grow, currently for myself my goal is to better my placing in this years Molokai race and also at the other World Surf Ski Championships races.    

As you can see, no matter what level of athlete you are if you can set your mind to it you can achieve anything with hard work and commitment.   

 Weekly wrap up

This last week has been a difficult week to say the least, the week started with myself being in Sydney renewing my passport, visiting my sister and saying goodbye to my girlfriend who is starting Uni. While being in Sydney training was little more difficult, as not having my training equipment with me, I had to make use with what I was given. I was able to focus on more core/stretching and for cross training and I did a lot more walking during the day. Arriving back home on Wednesday it has allowed me to hop back into my Epic Surf Ski and start training again. On Saturday I decided to do a session out in the ocean, with the bright sun and hardly any wind it made it more difficult than usual, but with the help of my Thorzt electrolytes drink and my Cyborg protein powder I was able to continue to train through it and also recovery.  

Enjoy your week on and off the water, if you have any questions leave then in the comments or just email me. 

Ryan Paroz


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