The equipment I use Part 2

Last week I wrote about the skis I paddle, this week, I am going to write about the equipment I use while I race and train. Every ski needs a paddle; I have always used Performance Paddles as they are made locally on the Sunshine Coast.  All of my paddles are in the ‘CR’ layup, both of my blades (open ocean and kayak paddles) have a joiner in them, so it is easier to travel with them. If you want more information on the paddles and how to order yourself a new paddle I have attached the website below.

In most ocean ski races you have to wear a suitable lifejacket or a Personal Floatation Device (PFD).  After using a few different types of PFD’s I found the Mocke Racer PFD felt the most comfortable when I paddled and it didn’t let my body overheat. With 6 adjustment straps I find that the lifejacket fits perfectly around my upper body. Below I have attached the Mocke paddling website.

Weekly Wrap up

 Last weekend was my first hit out in my lead up to Hawaii, On Sunday morning I paddled at the 7Th Annual Macleay Island Classic. The race was a 15km race around the island, which is located in the Moreton bay area. For this event I chose to paddle my Epic V14. The start was fast, we did the first 3 km in 12 minutes (4 minute pace/km) at about 3.5km I got dropped from the lead group then next 5.5-6km I worked my back up to be back in the lead. With 6km remaining I knew it was going to be a tough battle between my fellow competitor and I. As the finish line was approaching quickly we both had our attempts at dropping each other off the wash, but in the end I came second place by half a boat length. During the race I learnt a few key lessons that I will focus on and hopefully try and improve on what I can before my next ‘marathon’ event.  Next week I am going to be wrapping up the 2015 Queensland State Surf Lifesaving Championships.

Enjoy your week on and off the water.

Ryan Paroz


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