The Equipment I Use Part 1

Within the next 2 weeks, I am going to be doing 2 different types of races on my Epic ocean ski and Dolphin surf ski. In this post I will be discussing the individual skis that I am using. When it comes to the decision of what ski to use, it comes down to a simple question,  “what type of event am I doing?” I will use my Epic ski in ‘marathon’ ocean events and the longer training session, whereas I will use my Dolphin surf ski in the Surf life saving events. For the last few months I have been paddling Epic’s V14 in the Ultra construction (Red Tip).  The ski weights 12 kg (26.5 lbs) the length of the ski is 6.4m (21.0 Ft) with a width of 42.9cm (16.9 In).  I have been using my V14 in all types of condition from paddling in the flat water of the river, to chasing the wind and swell out in the ocean and have been enjoying it more and more and am looking forward to racing in it this weekend. To make it easier I have attached Epic Kayaks website below for you to have a look at their range of ski’s, kayaks and accessories.

A few weeks ago at the Sunshine Coast Branch titles I used my Dolphin ‘Drive’ Surf ski. As a minium requirement Surf Life Saving Australia rules state that the weight of the ski cannot be any less than 18 kg (39.7lbs), no longer than 5.79m(19.0Ft) and have a minium width of 480mm (18.9 In). Because of the events I have chosen to compete in this year, I have only been able to do a few sessions in the surf with my surf club. I have been enjoying paddling my surf ski and competing in life saving as it is always relaxing catching waves and being able to compete along side mates racing for Mooloolaba Surf Club. Below I have attached the link to Dolphin Surf Craft where you can find all the Surf Life saving equiptment you need.

Weekly wrap up
With just under 11 weeks until the Molokai Challenge and World Surf Ski Championships, training has been getting longer and more intense. Last week I spoke about how I have changed my diet, this last week has been the first big block of training I have completed since being on my new diet and I have been feeling fantastic. On Saturday, I decided to do a paddleback as Cyclone Nathan was producing unreal conditions. I went to my usual starting location, where the swell was up and the wind was howling. It was all going well until I got to the half way mark, the wind swung to the west (to the left side) and dropped making the rest of the paddle a lot harder than what I wanted.  All in all it has been good feeling great again even at the end of a physically tough week.  In next weeks post I will recap on the week I had and also talk more about the equiptment I use when I race.

Enjoy your week on and off the water!

Ryan Paroz.


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