Going Gluten Free


Over the past month I have made a major lifestyle change, by altering my diet and taking out gluten and reducing the amount of dairy that I consume. For myself gluten use to be everywhere in my diet, eating fresh bread and having a few chocolate biscuits as a little treat. I knew it was going to be a big challenge to drop it completely out of my diet but I knew it was going to make me feel better in the long run. The reasoning for this was due to the fact I was continually feeling flat (lacking energy) and getting sick, since dropping gluten and reducing the amount of dairy that is in my diet, I have started to feel better and have been having more energy during the day. Even though I cannot eat the majority of foods my friends can, I have been finding the ‘modified’ foods and how great they taste. 

Weekly wrap up
This last week has been really fun, starting back at Uni with my friends and also getting to use the facilities that were offered to me with my Uni Scholarship. In the past week I used both the swimming pool and the gym, both of these facilities have been fantastic to use. During the week, I have been preparing for the Sunshine Coast Branch Lifesaving Championships were I raced for my club Mooloolaba Surf Club, it was held at Alexandra Headlands Beach on Sunday. I competed in three events and they were, Single ski (individual event), Ski relay (team event, 3 individual ski legs) and finally the 6 man Taplin relay (team event, 6 man ironman/ ocean man relay, 2x board, 2x swim and 2x ski legs). In the single ski event I qualified for the final where I placed 12th, in the ski relay my team placed 4th and finally in our 6 person Taplin relay we placed 3rd. Overall it was a good weekend of racing from which I have taken away a few key points in where I need to work on before State titles in 3 weeks time. 
 Enjoy your week on & off the water

 Ryan Paroz


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