The Beginning

Welcome all,

I am currently counting down the days until the 2015 Molokai Challenge and World Surf Ski Championships in Hawaii on May 30th, the Molokai will be the 3rd race of World Surfski Series. Within this blog, I am going to share the experiences that I will face within my journey to paddle the great race. Just a brief explanation of the race, it starts from Kaluakoi Beach on the island of Molokai, and crosses the Ka’iwi Channel (Channel of bones) and finishes at Hawaii Kai, Oahu. The Molokai race tackles 53km (32 miles) of Pacific Ocean, in which some cases has provided some rough challenging conditions, and in other year’s flat glassy racing conditions. This will be my second channel crossing as I completed it last year, last years race provided a taste of what the channel can produce. The race can take from anywhere between 3.5 hours to 7 hours +, depending on the skill level of the athlete.  This year I will be doing the Molokai in the race category of Surf Ski 1(solo) (SS1) as I did last year. My ski that I will be using in Hawaii will be an Epic V14 as it is the same ski I’m currently training on in Australia. If all goes to plan within the next few months I will be able to post my race results.

The weekly wrap up.
This week has provided some interesting conditions to live and train in, with tropical cyclone Marcia brewing just of the east coast of Yeppoon, it has cause the beaches to be closed, rivers to become flooded and mass amounts of rain. But it hasn’t stopped me from training both in the gym and out on the water. Off the water I had received exciting news from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Where I am currently studying a Bachelor of Education/ Bachelor of Science. They had notified me in regards with being selected as a sports scholarship member for the 2015 college year, which I am grateful for. I have recently caught up with a few of the sport staff members at the University where I have received my gym and swimming membership, All in all it has been a challenging week. 

Enjoy your week on or off the water. 

Ryan Paroz 

Below is a photo from 2014 Molokai race.


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